The 5 Secrets To Optimal Weight and Health!

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As the health of our nation steadily worsens, obesity rates shooting through the roof and rates of disease climbing, it's important to realize that we are not helpless...We can do something about it. We are not at the mercy of doctors, drugs or other health professionals.

We are our own best doctor and our body thrives and heals naturally without the aid of external aids, drugs or substances. We don't have to expect illness as a 'normal' way of life, we just need to 'get out of the way' and let our body thrive through healthful living.

These are 5 secrets to optimal health, to optimal weight and overcoming health challenges. They work regardless of your situation and will improve your life dramatically. Follow these principles to feel your best and achieve your health goals and beyond.

The 5 Secrets To Optimal Weight and Health!Secret #1...Eat Real, Whole Foods!The first real secret to reaching your optimal health and weight is simple. Eat real, whole foods.
In America today, you may be surprised to know that most of what we eat is 'fake' food.
How can you tell if your food is fake?

Here are some characteristics of fake food:>>> Lasts forever.
>>> Is manufactured or produced.
>>> Is dull or bland in taste.
>>> Is packaged, boxed or canned.
>>> Provides instant results.
>>> Is enhanced, has multiple ingredients and needs sweeteners or spices for flavor.
>>> Is convenient and neat.
>>> Is consistent, always the same.
>>> Has no connection to the land or local farmers/growers.

Processed foods are fake. Anything boxed, bagged or canned is fake. These foods are the downfall of health in our developed, western society today. So what are real, whole foods?

Some qualities of real foods are that they:>>> Require preparation.
>>> Spoil quickly.
>>> Have variable quality.
>>> Are grown.
>>> Have rich textures and vibrant colors.
>>> Connected to the land, local culture and farmers.
>>> Are delicious as they are without spices, sauces or additives.

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The key to success is to eat as much fresh, organic or locally grown, whole fruits and vegetables as possible along with some nuts, seeds and legumes. You see, a plant based diet is the healthiest diet according to studies that compared the leading diets worldwide. It provides the most benefits
including the fewest cases of heart disease, cancers and other health concerns according to

The secret is eating a large amount of fruits that provides you with sufficient calories and fat, and eating abundant greens with a small amount of nuts or seeds to provide protein and essential minerals. This combination of foods will lower your cravings and hunger and will satisfy you.

If you are constantly hungry when transitioning to a healthier diet, it's often a sign that you are not eating enough calories, particularly in the form of fruit.

Fruit is the key to getting enough calories. Start out your day with fruit as well as into the early
afternoon. Not just 1 or 2 pieces of fruit, eat a good amount to feel comfortable. You want to start your day with foods that are easy to digest as you are breaking the fast breakfast routine.

Another secret is that you want to avoid getting your main source of calories from meats, processed (refined) carbs, sugars, nuts, seeds or nut butters.

In the later day meals, mix fruit with greens and a little fat. Make big salads and mix them with a simple fresh dressing. Make green smoothies. Make mixed green vegetable salads with fresh dressing.

The habit of eating fresh, organic whole foods, and eliminating 'fake' foods from your diet are the keys to life-long optimal health and weight.

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Secret # 2 Remove Obstacles To Health.

The second secret to success
is to remove the obstacles that prevent us from achieving optimal
health. There are many obstacles we throw in the way of our health regularly including:
>>> Poisons.
>>> Stress.
>>> Negativity.
>>> Cooked foods.
>>> Processed foods.
>>> Pollution.
>>> Electromagnetic fields (EMF's).
>>> Over-stimulation.
>>> Lack of proper sleep.
>>> Poor nutrition.
>>> Anger.
>>> Frustration.
>>> Depression.
>>> Television programming.

Reducing and eventually removing these obstacles will allow our bodies to work in an environment that will allow optimal health. The formula that is often called 'the master key' to superior health is found in Arnold Ehret's book, The Mucus less Diet Healing System: Vitality = Power – Obstruction.

The less obstruction in the body, the greater the power and in turn greater vitality... which is the ultimate measurement of health. Every obstruction chips away at our vitality and reduces our level of health. Interestingly enough, transitioning to a plant based diet helps reduce many of these obstructions naturally without effort on your part. And many others are a simple choice.

Secret # 3 Move.
The third secret is staying active.

Yes, your health will benefit greatly by just changing your diet to one of fresh, whole fruits and vegetables along with some nuts and seeds. But to get the most benefit, you must be active. You can exercise, dance, skip, garden, run, bike, work, hike... any type of movement is better than none. The best movement works both your muscles as well as your cardiovascular system for about 30-60 minutes a day.

In addition to a workout, keep moving throughout the day. Park farther away than normally and walk a little extra, skip the elevator or escalator and take the stairs, take a walk in your neighborhood or take a bike ride to your local store instead of using your car.

And as it is true that a diet of whole, organic fresh foods helps remove obstacles naturally, it's also the case with movement. A plant based diet makes it easier to move, easier to be motivated and does it all naturally. It's easier to stay active because you naturally have more energy since you're removing obstacles to your health every day by eating fresh, real foods. You're lighter on your feet and feel great. It also feels good to move and you want to do it more often. And the more you move, the more you'll want to continue moving.

And if you're exercising, here's an important tip."You'll often get best results if you exercise first thing in the morning."

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Why?...By starting your routine when you first wake, the chances of something getting in your way to finish will be rare. If you wait until later in the day, hunger, schedules, work, school, family, friends... there are thousands of things that could get in your way.

And also there are no excuses in the morning. Anyone can get up 30 minutes earlier to work out if they wanted to, right? Studies have shown that those exercising in the morning have experienced the most benefits and higher success achieving their health goals.

Another benefit is that exercising in the morning helps you 'earn' your first meal of the day. You feel better eating after exercising knowing you've earned your meal. It also helps control your appetite, increase your confidence and make you feel better. Try it and you'll experience the difference.

Secret # 4 Knowledge and SupportLearning about what works and what doesn't with your health is important. You'll save time and frustration by learning from others and be able to reach your goals faster. Why derail your health and waste months or years of time trying to go at it on your own?

I know, I've spent 14 years trying almost everything on the market to regain my optimal weight, rid my persistent acne, avoid my illnesses, aches and pains, regain my energy and just feel better overall. Research and learn as much as you can. Read books, visit web sites...Get as much information as you need. Get many opinions and see what works best for you.

But be careful. There is so much conflicting information available and listening to the wrong person can take you off track and your health will suffer. Select those that make the most sense for you keeping in mind their motivations. Are they promoting supplements, drugs, diet pills or supposedly healthy 'junk foods'?

And having support while transitioning is important to your success as well. Both from your friends and family as well as someone experienced that can help you answer questions and provide information and support when you need it.

The best scenario is that your family joins you in your transition, but that's not always possible. If that's the case, let them know how important this is to you and ask for their help and support. Getting them involved is often helpful to not only support you, but they may join you as well when they see how good you look and feel and want to experience the same benefits you've gained.

Secret # 5 Your Reason WhyThe last secret is the key that brings every other together. Your reason why.

Why do you want to transition to healthier diet? What is your motivation? What would you like to accomplish? Knowing why and having the resolve to do it is more important than any other thing when deciding to transition to a healthier lifestyle.

Here's an important tip. "This must be YOUR reason why. Your motivation
to reach your health goals, not your spouse's or family or someone else's."
Once you know, write it down. Read it often and go over in your mind why you want to do it. Envision yourself reaching your goal and how you feel when you accomplish it. Know why and the process becomes easy. Without a strong reason, it will be easy to give up.

Regardless of the challenges, you'll get through them because you're committed - for your reasons. You will have the resolve to reach your goals through the raw food diet because the reasons are important to you. Important enough that no matter what gets in the way, you'll get through it.

Find 'your reason why' and document it. Revisit it regularly. Ingrain it in your being. Make it a part of you and nothing will get in your way to make it work for you. Let's face it, we are what we eat. Starting with choosing our foods well and following these secrets will get you on the path to success in obtaining better health and your optimal weight... and most importantly, helping you reach your personal health goals.

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Article written by: Mark Idzik


  1. I like where you say eat real food. And of course it must be in moderation. Home grown fresh fruit and vegetables also adds to better healthy eating.

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